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Mary O. Ambler
Memorial Scholarship

Mary O. Ambler was an English teacher at Fairfax High School for many years and her commitment and contributions to education at that institution were long remembered by the students, parents and faculty members who survived her. 

Mary's Story

Mary's will, dated June 10, 1937, specified that various bequests be paid; that the remainder of her estate be used to establish a trust fund; that the interest from that fund be used to help deserving young women obtain a high school education.  It also specified that each of these young women was to receive no more than $40 per year.  The fund has prospered and changed over the years.  Now the interest is used to help young women in their pursuit of a college education and the annual stipend has been increased to $2000 per year. 


The trustees of the Mary O. Ambler fund are pleased to be able to participate in the annual NVADACA Scholarship Program by offering the Mary O. Ambler Memorial Scholarship

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